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Vehicle insurance


Who has already experienced the feeling of getting involved in an accident with his vehicle, or finding his car broken in a car park, or not finding it at all, or noticing a big tree branch on the top of his car after a big summer rain, or having snow overhanging on his favourite from the roof of a house, is sure to know why car insurance is important.

Many people think casco is expensive, they say “I can drive”, “my car is parked in a garage…Why should I conclude casco insurance?”

Obsolescence-free compensation, rapid payment of the appropriate compensation amount are the key benefits of Generali casco insurance.


(Obligatory in Hungary)

Each car and each driver have different demands of insurance. Be our client this year, too, because we are waiting for you with even more discounts, customized insurance and flexible services. Complete your liability insurance with additional types of insurance; thus, despite the fact that your third party liability vehicle insurance will compensate for damages caused by you, the additional insurance will be of help to you in case of a trouble.

Health insurance

Are you searching for the cheapest health insurance or health program? Do you need complete health insurance?
Do you need the cheapest and quickest solution approved with guarantee for the purpose of residence permit or permanent residence permit, to visa or citizenship application or work permit?
You don’t have social insurance, but would like to have health insurance with full outpatient service?
Health insurance is the solution. Health insurance of Generali is accessible also for foreign citizens, pupils or university students.
Would you like to have cheap health insurance providing full outpatient and inpatient care?
Are you searching for health insurance for your company or enterprise which is free of tax and contributions and 100 % of the costs can be written off?
– Insurance protection is for 24 hours a day and it is valid for the whole world.

Health insurance as quickly as it is possible! You can conclude a contract with the possible quickest insurance administration; the full process takes 15 minutes.

Property insurance


Many people work all their lives to have an own house or flat. However many of them forget that the acquired property must be saved. Our home is exposed to several hazards we cannot prepare for. Let’s think about the increasing destroying storms we are informed by the news or the worsening criminal statistics. It is worth of preparing for the worst; so if any trouble occurs you do not have to restart everything.

Pension insurance

Tax allowance for concluding life insurance!
20 %, but maximum 130.000.- HUF/year of guaranteed tax allowance from the state for pension savings, in the form of personal income tax discount! Thanks to a law amendment you will be granted, since 2014, tax reduction in addition to caring of your future if you conclude pension insurance.
How do you imagine your senior years? Would you like to look forward senior years, when you can live at the same living standard, you can enjoy your hobbies, you would be pleased to travel and carelessly live your family life?

Accident insurance

Although accidents cannot be prevented, but we can give help in better surviving of the difficult period following it.
Do you have sufficient reserves for the case of getting involved in an accident? Is your family’s financial situation ensured in case of a bigger trouble? Many families can pay the extra expenses arising from a tragedy only from loans.
You can get a larger amount with our accident insurance even without giving downpayment. Should an accident happen to you, this would be of great help in your recovery and a support for your family in case of a tragedy.
You can also name a death beneficiary at your own discretion.
Insurance protection is for 24 hours a day and it valid for the whole world.

Preliminary care

Many people in Hungary are not prepared for sudden costs and not even for predictable expenses.
Purchasing of an own flat, provision of prosperity for the children or establishment of trouble-free years in retirement all are aims requiring higher amounts and which can be prepared for many years before.
130.000.- HUF tax allowance for You from the state!
The state has been supporting pension insurance since 1st Jan. 2014, by granting
20% tax allowance and increasing the saved amount with this percentage with a maximum of 130.000.- HUF.
Should you wish to care for your and your family’s future in time, please contact our consultants.

Insurance for portable electronic devices

Did you happen to experience dropping of your smart phone on the street and having its display shattered? Have you experienced that your child has accidentally pulled down your notebook from the table and it fell to pieces on the kitchen floor? Have you been annoyed because your camera went wrong due to the negligence of the airport baggage handling, when you returned from your holiday?

Fundamenta - Building Society Inc.

Would you buy or reconstruct a flat? Would you like the state to contribute to your expenses? Precautionary flat saving is the only flat financing form supported by the state, available for each full age citizen with tax number.

The state supports your savings with an additional sum of 30% of your savings/year with a maximum of 72.000.-HUF!

Legal protection and liability insurance

It may happen that something is clear for you but is unacceptable for someone else. If you feel, you are right and your claim is rightful, you are entitled to the best legal protection. However most of the people cannot pay for the best; our legal protection helps in this.
Our legal protection service is available for you, whether speaking of real-estate sale or purchase, compensation, inheritance or misdemeanor.

Voluntary pension fund

When we are young it is difficult to estimate where our carrier will be ten years later, how our prospective child will be called or whether our classmates will recognize us twenty years later. It is also difficult to imagine, when somebody is young, that we will retire some time, and living on a low pension would mean trouble in our everyday life.

Apartment house insurance

Not only the flats of an apartment house have to be insured, but also the premises in common property. Should the roof leak, it must be repaired; it is the interest of each tenant. If the building is insured, unexpected and burdensome expenses can be avoided.

Travel insurance

Careless holiday is unforgettable, but don’t forget that an accident or disease may occur abroad, too, and it would cause – in addition to the inconveniences, – also serious expenses. This risk can be significantly reduced by concluding accident and medical insurance.