Company solutions

Property insurance

No matter how much carefully you manage your company, you must not forget about the fact that your company may be threatened by hazards that you cannot avoid, not even with the greatest care. Should the equipment and machines needed for the operation of your company get damaged, your activity can be shut down for weeks, causing serious material losses, not speaking about the unexpected expenses.

General and professional liability insurance

Even in course of activities performed with best care events and accidents may occur, when we are responsible for others. The excellent solution is if your company has liability insurance! In case of certain fields of activities legal regulations make conclusion of liability insurance mandatory.

Travel insurance

We recommend our travel insurance for companies with business activity over the frontiers, where the employees travel abroad many times a year for shorter or longer periods. The insurance is valid for any purpose of business trips, e.g. business negotiation with the foreign partner, training, participation in a conference; the purchased frame days can be used freely and followed up through the internet.

Employer health and accident insurance

This insurance is offered mainly for companies which would like to offer insurance protection of their employees as a benefit in kind, or as a component of the cafeteria system for the case of unexpected events e.g. accidents or diseases; thus increasing loyalty of the employees towards the company.

Financial help also for the employer!

Healthy human capital=multiply recovering investment!

Medical insurance

Generali Employer’s Health Program is a service financing health insurance, allowing for quick and quality health service and it provides full range protection starting from the screening programs, through outpatient care, laboratory and diagnostic examinations up to VIP hospital care. And all these without waiting and waiting lists!

Individual insurance of company managers

Possible deterioration of our health due to an accident or disease results not only in income loss, but also in several extra expenses. Generali can provide financial help in many ways, so you have to concentrate only on your recovery.
You can set up your personalized TestŐr (Bodyguard) insurance which can be added with risk life insurance, 12 kinds of accident insurance and 6 kinds of health insurance.

Health fund

In case one of your colleagues falls ill and becomes unable to work, it can result in either double expense for your company. You have to pay the wage and to authorize somebody to perform the work, if it is urgent.

It is a more practical solution to spend on the health of your colleagues and on prevention. In addition your employees will feel your care; they will be more pleased to work and will become more loyal to the company.

Voluntary pension fund

Voluntary pension fund is the third pillar of the pension system; it is the most favourable method of self-care, financed also by the state. The members of the voluntary pension fund pay the membership fee to their individual accounts, it is invested by the account management and so the savings will further increase up to retirement.

The membership fee of the voluntary pension fund can be paid not only by the employee, but also by the employer. Why is it worth for You, as the company manager, to provide for self-care of your employees?

Machine insurance

The “traditional” property insurance covers mainly the risks of elementary damages, burglary and theft. However there are other risk sources being worth of getting protected against. Based on the domestic and international experience almost
40 – 60% of the damages result from “human and technical” risks. Our insurance provides compensation for management faults, negligence, clumsiness, malicious damage, material and manufacturing defects as well as damages from external mechanic effects.

Agricultural insurance

Farming and agriculture are not only jobs, but also a way of life. There is always something to do in each month of the year, from plowing to sowing, from spraying to harvesting. Who deals with livestock cannot have a rest either.

Farmers are more exposed to the whimsy weather, some storm, hail or flood can cause serious damages to the lands, either the harvest of the whole year can be destroyed, thus putting those living from agriculture in very difficult situation.

Fundamenta - Building Society Inc.

Saving and development of our living environment is our common interest. Fundamenta Lakáskassza – Building Society Inc. provides assistance; it helps the apartment houses and the housing associations by financing the actual reconstructions and modernization investments.

Cargo insurance

Huge quantity and value of goods are delivery by land, water or air all over the world. Goods are exposed to numerous risks during their way from the sender to the customer. Goods can get damaged or lost, causing significant loss to the owner. Our partner has been one of the determinant players of the Hungarian cargo insurance market and it provides efficient help in risk management related to goods delivery based on security rendered by Generali Group.

Vehicle insurance

Fleet third party liability insurance
In case that your company has at least 5 vehicles, choose our Fleet liability insurance!
Complete your liability insurance with additional insurance; then in case of a trouble not only damages caused to third party will be covered, but also You will be given help!

Fleet casco insurance
In case your company has at least 5 vehicles, choose our Fleet casco insurance! Fleet casco insurance provides security for theft, breakage, natural events and glass breakage! Insurance fees are calculated according to the main activity of the company, so your enterprise may account for lower fees, in case it performs activities with lower risk!